Al Reynolds strongly believes that the development and improvement of soccer skills is a life long pursuit. The essence of soccer, in Al's estimation, is foot skills. The theory behind Al's foot skills training is to master the endless drills and be able to maneuver the ball on the soccer field and outsmart your opponent.
The proper combination of coaching, training, practice, and discipline will enhance the player's natural ability to perform under the pressures of the game at all levels of competition. While short-term results are often seen with our students, it is the overall long-term development of skill, strategy, and understanding of the game of soccer that our school strives to attain. We offer a year-round environment of training opportunities to achieve these goals for our students at the Al Reynolds' Soccer School.

Al Reynolds Soccer School is footskill based. We offer group footskill classes and private/semi-private lessons. Our group footskill classes are indoors and run one day a week for one hour. Footskill classes are offered Sundays through Thursdays. Students are grouped in our footskill classes by skill level rather than age. This means that in most of the classes there will be a small mixture of ages and both boys and girls. Our classes are usually on the smaller side - six to twelve students. The youngest age of a student Al will train is six years old. Footskill classes are $25.00 per hour of training.

Our registration forms are set up in which you select the best day for you - we come up with the times of classes. Sundays are the most populated day of the week and we run the most classes that day. Classes generally start on Sundays at 4PM and the last one will fall at either 7PM or 8PM. The first footskill class Monday through Thursday is 6PM and the last class is at 7PM or 8PM. The only exception to those class times is our summer footskills session. Class times during weekdays are earlier to accommodate for various events in the evening throughout the summer.

Private/semi-private lessons are scheduled around the group footskill classes. Private lessons (one student) run for one hour and are $100.00. Semi-private lessons are for between two and five students at $75.00 per student. Private/semiprivate lessons can be set up as a single lesson or they can be scheduled throughout a footskill session.
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